Enhancing field emission from a carbon nanotube array by lateral control of electrodynamic force field

Mahapatra, D.R., Anand, S.V., Sinha, N., Melnik, R.V.N.

Molecular Simulation, 35(6), 512-519, 2009  


Fluctuation of field emission current from carbon nanotubes (CNTs) poses certain difficulties for their use in nanobiomedical X-ray devices and imaging probes. This problem arises due to deformation of the CNTs due to electrodynamic force field and electron-phonon interaction. It is of great importance to have precise control of emitted electron beams very near the CNT tips. In this paper, a new array configuration with stacked array of CNTs is analysed and it is shown that the current density distribution is greatly localised at the middle of the array, that the scatter due to electrodynamic force field is minimised and that the temperature transients are much smaller compared to those in an array with random height distribution.