Quasi-Hydrodynamic Modelling and Computer Simulation of Coupled Thermo-Electrical Processes in Semiconductor Devices

Melnik, R.V.N. and He, Hao

Mathematics and Computers in Simulation,  52 (3-4), 273-287, 2000


The quasi-hydrodynamic model for semiconductor devices is a typical example of non-local models which, in contrast to the conventional drift-diffusion models, allows to account for non-equilibrium processes in semiconductor plasma. In this paper, we present results of a numerical simulation of semiconductor devices using the quasi-hydrodynamic model. The results have been obtained with the package SCSIMU, a C++ based program in which efficient exponential difference schemes for the quasi-hydrodynamic model have been implemented. Algorithmic procedures and modelling of realistic semiconductor devices such as ballistic and PIN diodes are discussed with numerical results.