Nonlinear Analysis of Rubber-Based Polymeric Materials with Thermal Relaxation

Melnik, R.V.N., Strunin, D.V. and Roberts, A.J.

Numerical Heat Transfer A, 47(6), 549--569, 2005


Using mathematical modeling and computer simulation, nonlinear dynamics of rubberbased polymers has been studied with due regard for the effect of thermal relaxation. Main results have been obtained for the case of elongational oscillations of a ring- shaped body subjected to periodic ("internal") boundary conditions. Particular emphasis has been placed on high- frequency and short spatial variations of temperature and displacement, in which the role of nonlinearities in the dynamics of the material and their close connection with the effect of thermal relaxation time can be best appreciated. It is shown how the vanishing relaxation time can lead to an attenuation of nonlinear effects in the thermomechanical system.