Modelling dynamics of genetic networks as a multiscale process

Wei, X., Melnik, R.V.N., Moreno-Hagelsieb, G.

Computational Science -ICCS-2005, Part 3, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 3516, Springer, 134-138, 2005


A key phenomenon in the dynamics of genetic networks is the cell cycle. In the study of this phenomenon, an important task is to understand how many processes, acting on different temporal and spatial scales, interact in the cell.

In this paper we deal with the problem of modelling cell cycles. We start our analysis from the Novak-Tyson model and apply this deterministic model to simulate relative protein concentrations in several different living systems, including Schixosaccharomyces pombe to validate the results. Then we generalize the model to account for the nonlinear dynamicsof a cell division cycle, and in particular for special events of cell cycles. We discuss the obtained results and their implications on designing engineered regulatory genetic networks and new biological technologies.

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